We ready ourselves for a supply run with a drilled preparedness and singleness of purpose. We are off in search of trims (buckles, adjusters) and swim fabric (four way stretch spandex). Slather 100 SPF sunblock on your face and shoulders at least 20 minutes before you exit the car. Bring: cash, notebook, swatches. Strap these items to your body. A fanny pack on your chest makes it harder for pickpockets to best you. No superfluous accessorising: we will need to move quickly through the teeming masses of people in order to cover all this ground and make it back to the studio in time. Wear closed-toed shoes to guard against the wet market’s dubious slime. Consume the last rations of coconut water before exiting the vehicle, and take a deep breath. Destination? Divisoria: Michelle’s in Tutuban, two unmarked stalls in the depths of Azcarraga Textile Market, and, should we emerge victorious, that one tea egg kiosk in Binondo, Chinatown, to celebrate…