Jade Palace’s items speaks differently to each discerning individual’s background and interests – one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. Similarly, YAT PIT follows the ethos of ugly beauty – your ugly is my beautiful and my beautiful is your ugly, just as the velvet skirt from their collection which features a painted Hong Kong Harbour inspired by tacky souvenir paintings sold to tourists.

Jade Palace’s first addition of a contemporary fashion brand is YAT PIT. A Hong Kong based brand founded by UK born Jason Mui and Hong Kong born On Ying Lai, YAT PIT’s collection and identity serves to question many established norms – an attitude that is reflective of the changing youth culture of Hong Kong.

To celebrate the partnership of Jade Palace being YAT PIT’s only stockist in the UK and Europe, Jade Palace is releasing a limited edition publication of 50 copies. Jade Palace Collective presents: YAT PIT – a collection of printed objects that crosses between a brand book and lookbook exploring the narrative of Jade Palace and YAT PIT’s shared Chinese identity, grassroots culture and a renewed energy to re-love a culture lost through their mutual affinity towards “ugly beauty”.

1 of 2 photographic print by fashion photographer Joyce Ng for YAT PIT’s collection (part of which was shown at English as a Second Language at Somerset House in 2019)

A 28-page gate fold book of our Autumn Winter 19 campaign.

1 of 3 postcard print photographed by the duo Zhuo Chen and Mika Kailes, captures Jade Palace’s collection styled with YAT PIT pieces that are available at Jade Palace Collective.

All contained inside a sticker covered clear zip sleeve with each printed object designed by Zyxt (Masaki Miwa and Ying Tong Tan) who injects subtle visual and cultural cues to the form in relation to each narrative.

PHOTOGRAPHY Harry Chan, Joyce Ng, Zhuo Chen and Mika Kailes

HAIR & MAKEUP Deil Siu, Jenny Shih, Ji Yoon Lee and Min

MODELS Elizabeth, Ming Lin, Yu Shuk Pui (Bobby), Nami Fujisan, Choya Hung, Harry Chan, Merry Lamb Lamb, Elizabeth Tang, Xuanye Li, Songkun Wan and Stacy Chau

DESIGN & ART DIRECTION Zyxt (Masaki Miwa & Ying Tong Tan)

WORDS Kelly Cho