Why sell

Selling your items on Jade Palace Collective
Do you have shoes or handbags that you no longer want but think our Jade Palace customers would like? Something archival, rare? Something odd? Something timeless? If your items are in good condition and you think they might align with the collection we have here at Jade Palace, just let us know.

Why sell with Jade Palace?
We will not charge you any fees for you to sell on the platform. For each item you sell with us you will get 10% discount next time you buy from Jade Palace Collective. You will be able to sell your item for more than ebay – please submit items of value of over £100. We will take care of virtually everything: photographing your items, packaging them and sending them off.

The process
To ensure the growing collection would align with the identity of Jade Palace, each item you submit will go through a validation process. The process will be quick. If by any reason your first item does get refused, please don’t feel discouraged from submitting again. Our taste is eclectic, so sometimes we love something and sometimes we don’t. Our main two concerns are; the item must be in good condition; the item cannot be currently on sale in shops.