本地時裝品牌一丿起源於香港,九龍,深水步。 一丿主要的靈感取於九龍。 身處九龍每天從吸收及觀察街頭上的人事物;街坊的生活智慧以至街頭找到的小節:從以上的點滴靈感自然地拼出一丿的設計風格。
從一個最簡單的念頭起:深水步雖混亂和嘈雜,但只需一雙好奇且不斷探索的眼睛便能尋寶。 由這理念發酵,把自己代入不同身份,以【九龍】及【衣—基本】為核心,把想像中的設計一件一件呈現於現實。現今科技能讓人從世界各地取得配搭靈感,但一丿反之而行,認為向內探究自己的根源,才可以更好的定義自身的未來。

十劃都未有一撇, is a Cantonese idiom, which in the closest translation means “no left-falling stroke is in sight even after ten strokes of a character have been written”. It means that people can talk over and over again about an idea but never start it. YAT PIT’s name derives from this saying, 一丿meaning the “first-stroke” in Cantonese.
Taking their first step in 2015, Jason Mui and On Ying Lai founded the brand in Hong Kong, Kowloon -Sham Shui Po to be exact. YAT PIT chooses to look inside for change instead of finding inspiration from across the globe, literally finding inspiration in the very neighbourhood they both live and work in. Sham Shui Po is predominantly a working class neighbourhood. It remains one of the poorest neighbourhoods in Hong Kong suffering urban decay. It is an incredibly dense neighbourhood in an already dense city but it is also one of the liveliest and most vibrant one. YAT PIT captures the way of living in the area, the spirt where one picks up what others discard, the idea of “if one will not, another will” and turns it into a new way of reinterpreting what most people consider conservative, out-of-fashion traditional Chinese fashion. In the pair’s own words, “amongst the clutter and chaos in Sham Shui Po, all you need is a good eye and attention to detail.”
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.YATPIT 2019.
.YATPIT 2019.